The dollar coin --- will Congress try yet again?

The dollar coin was never popular in the United States.  The main complaint in 1794 was that the dollar was too heavy to carry around.  Today, you would need thirteen dollars clunking around your trouser pockets to provide the same buying power as the original dollar.  Americans are uncomfortable with that and prefer greenbacks folded neatly in a wallet or crumpled in a drawer.

I myself enjoy the dollar coins.  Apparently I have little company.  From Morgans to Ikes to Suzies, the coins had never found a comfortable home in American pockets.

Today, Congress is yet again trying to eliminate the dollar bill and replace it with the unpopular coin.  At a Congressional hearing, the Government Accountability Office regurgitated their comment that the exclusive use of dollar coins would save 4.4 billion dollars over the next thirty years.  It sounds impressive until we do the math and find that it saves each American a mere forty eight cents per year -- not nearly enough to pay for the new pair of pants with the worn out pockets.