The reverse proof silver eagle -- limited edition?

Today the United States Mint began taking orders for a two coin set containing a silver proof 2012 S American Eagle and a reverse proof 2012 S American Eagle.

The price of the two coin set is $149.95 -- about $75 per coin.  This price is sure a bolt from the blue.  After all, a "regular" 2012 proof silver eagle is currently priced at $59.95.

The mint's advertisement states "The United States Mint has a tradition of offering special limited-edition coin sets to American Eagle Coin collectors."
"What will the edition be limited to?" I hear you ask.

Customers may place orders from now until July 5, 2012.  However many are ordered -- that's how many the mint will produce.  This should limit any increase in value.  After all, you can buy as many as you want today, giving no reason to pay more tomorrow.

There are two gimmicks here:  One is the notion that a collector must be extra for the "S" mintmark.  Why should an 2012S be worth more than a 2012W -- especially when the mint can produce unlimited quantities of either to meet demand.  The second gimmick is the "reverse mirror proof," which in my view should be priced the same as a regular proof.

Will the public go for the gimmicks?  We can keep score.  On its web page, the mint will continually provide data on how many were sold.