John McCain, paper money, and strippers

As the battle over a possible discontinuing of our American paper dollar in favor of the unpopular dollar coins rages on, Arizona Senator and paper dollar foe, John McCain, was asked a question about strippers. 

(Read here about the history of unpopular dollar coins),

According to the story, strippers prefer getting tipped with paper dollars and have complained about a possible demise of the paper dollar.  When a reporter questioned McCain, he quipped “I hope they could obtain larger denominations … fives, tens, one hundreds."

John McCain recently suggested that strippers be tipped in higher denomination bills

Since I generally spend my evenings on my studies rather than attending stripper clubs, I ask my readers to please forgive my naivete.  The first question I have is what were strippers given as tips in the 1970’s?  Were they receiving dollar bills or quarters?  Today’s dollar bill is the equivalent in spending power to the quarter in the 1970’s.  If strippers used to receive one dollar bills, today they should receive fives merely to keep up with inflation.  In this respect, McCain is absolutely correct.

Another question: What happens at stripper clubs in Canada, where the smallest paper denomination is the five?  Hopefully my Canadian friends can answer this so I don’t have to travel to Canada for a research trip on the topic

An interesting pricing issue with the Girl Scouts Commemorative Dollar

Tonight I stumbled upon something of interest while browsing the US mint website (  The current price for an uncirculated Girl Scout Commemorative silver dollar is $55.95.  The mint, however, also sells the girl scout dollar as part of a Girl Scouts of the USA Young Collectors Set.  The set includes the uncirculated silver dollar along with the typical fluff of graphics and historical images.  The price of the set is $54.95 -- cheaper than purchasing the coin alone.