First spouse coin-- Rare, but does anyone want them?

The 2009 mintages for first spouse gold coins will make them among the rarest of US commemoratives. As of today (updated Nov 13, 2009), only 2,993 uncirculated and 5,081 proof Anna Harrison gold coins have been minted and sold. At prices of over $700 per coin, collecting the first spouse series has become too expensive. The first spouses in the 2009 series are much more obscure historically than the first year's. Interest, it seems, has waned.

First spouse coins becoming scarcer -- but no one wants them.

After his first spouse died, John Tyler remarried. Thus there were two first spouses while Tyler was in the White House: Letitia Tyler and Julia Tyler. As a result, there are five first spouse designs for 2009 rather than four for 2008 and 2007. When this is combined with the surge in the price of gold, the total cost of collecting the 2009's is now double what it cost to collect all for the 2007 First Spouse coins. 

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