First spouse coin-- Rare, but does anyone want them?

The 2009 mintages for first spouse gold coins will make them among the rarest of US commemoratives. As of today (updated Nov 13, 2009), only 2,993 uncirculated and 5,081 proof Anna Harrison gold coins have been minted and sold. At prices of over $700 per coin, collecting the first spouse series has become too expensive. The first spouses in the 2009 series are much more obscure historically than the first year's. Interest, it seems, has waned.

First spouse coins becoming scarcer -- but no one wants them.

After his first spouse died, John Tyler remarried. Thus there were two first spouses while Tyler was in the White House: Letitia Tyler and Julia Tyler. As a result, there are five first spouse designs for 2009 rather than four for 2008 and 2007. When this is combined with the surge in the price of gold, the total cost of collecting the 2009's is now double what it cost to collect all for the 2007 First Spouse coins. 

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Biggest Uncirculated Set Ever Features Original Recipe Cents

The 2009 uncirculated set features a whopping 36 coins (18 from denver and 18 from philadelphia).  Among the highlights of the set (in my opinion):

The four newly designed Lincoln cents, which will be struck in their original alloy of 95% copper, 3% zinc, and 2% tin.  Introduced in 1909, the recipe lasted until 1982. 

The set will also feature the Kennedy Half Dollars, which are generally not released into circulation.  

From each mint there will be four presidential dollar coins and one native american dollar coin.  Since these still don't seem to circulate, this may be the best chance to procure one. 

There are also six territory dollar coins from each mint.  this represents the encore from the State Quarter Series.  All in all, this uncirculated set seems to offer much more than the typical year.  The price is $27.95, which is about double face value,which seems like quite a bargain.  For now, they are available directly from the US mint.

For the 2009 American Eagle Proof coins, the Wait is Over

Add ImageYes folks, we no longer have to wait for the 2009 American Eagle proof coins -- we aren’t getting any.  That’s right, the mint has finally decided they will not make them.  They also will not be producing the silver eagle proof coins.

The reason relates to the mint’s interpretation of a law requiring the mint to produce bullion coins in quantities sufficient to meet public demand.  Therefore, all of the silver and gold blanks are being dedicated to the bullion coins rather than proofs for collectors.  The mint had spent most of the year teasing us that the coins would probably be available late in the year. 

The rouse is over.  We aren’t getting any.

Proof buffalo gold coins, however, are currently available -- but at a whopping price of $1360 a coin (due to fluctuate with the price of gold).