American Eagle 25th Anniversary set: A slick marketing ploy

Before I begin, let's get our pencils out and mark our calendars for October 27 at noon when the American Eagle 25th Anniversary silver set will be put on sale.  The price has not yet been determined and the limit is currently five sets per household.

The set has two desirable pieces that our not available elsewhere: A 2011 S mint uncirculated dollar and a 2011 P mint reverse proof coin.  In order to acquire these coins, we must purchase them in a set with three other coins (the W mint uncirculated, the W mint proof, and the generic mintmarkless uncirculated).

Veteran coin buyers are familiar with this marketing ploy by the mint.  To acquire the 1998S matte Kennedy half, we had to put up with the Robert F Kennedy dollar.  The 1997P matte Jefferson nickel was only available as part of the Botanical Garden Set.

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