One million dollars for a 1943 S Bronze Lincoln Cent!

A 1943S copper Lincoln Cent has sold for a whopping one million dollars as a single collector, Bob Simpson, has virtually cornered the tiny market on the 1943 coppers.

I'm sure this is old hat to most of you, but in 1943, the US mint produced Lincoln cents out of steel to conserve copper for the World War II effort.  By error, a small number of copper coins were produced at each mint.

The value of the coin is based on several factors.  First the off metal error is rare, with only a small handful of San Francisco minted coins known.  Second, the copper 1943 error cents have been well hyped since 1943.  A third reason is the condition.  The particular 1943 S copper cent was graded as MS62BN making it the finest known.  A fourth reason is Bob Simpson himself.  Simpson now has the best known copper coin from each mint in 1943.  His AU version of the 1943 S is now on the trading block.  He has the only known 1943 S copper cent.  Had Simpson not had the goal of assembling this collection, the coin would not be worth as much.

In 1944, the mint returned to producing Lincoln cents out of copper.  A small number of steel coins were struck in error.  Simpson has an example of each of these as well.

And So, Dr. Peter Planchet tips his hat to Bob Simpson on the tremendous accomplishment of assembling the finest collection of the 1943 coppers.  Congratulations!


  1. That's nice! Congratulations to Bob Simpson. I bet Mr. Simpson is thrilled and proud to be the owner of such finest collection.

  2. What a great accomplishment! It's an extraordinary collection. Anyway, your website is very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it especially coin news.