Hey NFL -- That's not a real coin you're tossing

The National Football League begins every game with what they call "the coin toss."

If the NFL wants to have a coin toss, the least they can do is use a real coin.  What they are actually tossing is a medal.  A coin should be issued by a country and have a denomination.  This is not what they are tossing.  It has a helmet on one side and the Vince Lombardi Trophy on the other.  Sorry, but no country has ever issued such a coin.  I suggest that the NFL start calling this a medal toss.

Another point -- why start a football game with a random event?  Until recently the NFL team winning the toss would elect to receive the football.  Now the winners mostly "defer" the decision to the second half.

Instead of showcasing skills in running, passing, and kicking, we watch predictions of heads vs. tails. This is boring.  It would be easier to scrap the theatrics and have the home team kick off first.

But if they want to continue with this silly event, they should at least get a real coin.

Does the lack of a real coin bother you?  Please feel free to comment.

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