America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins? Where the heck are they?

The law authorizing the production of the new America the Beautiful quarters also authorizes the min  to strike  .999 fine silver coins that weigh 5 ounces and have a 3 inch diameter.  We are now half way through 2010 and the mint has not yet produced one of these enormous five-ouncers.  This is one of those laws that is easier to write than to implement.  The first problem is that there are no five ounce silver planchets -- they have to be produced.  The second problem is that rolling the silver out to a diameter of three inches leaves the mint with a thin blank to work with.  Congress added to the law that the mint was required to put edge lettering on the coin.  The problem is that the coins are so thin, they crumple.  The mint has ordered a new press from Germany to produce these coins.  I wish the mint the best of luck.  Perhaps in the future,m the Congress should specify the weight, but let the mint come up with a reasonable diameter and production method.

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  1. Hi, I do some digital work with the US Mint. For anyone who missed the event at Yosemite National Park, the United States Mint has a site with plenty of information about the new coin. Check it out at: You can also watch webcasts from this and previous quarter events on this site.