Tony Weiner, Glenn Beck, and gold

Gold has the center of a dispute between radio talk show host Glenn Beck and New York Representative Anthony Weiner.  Weiner complained that Beck uses his radio show to promote fear of the imminent collapse of the US dollar due to future inflation.  Beck himself claims to have a good percentage of his assets in gold bullion.  where should Beck's listeners go to convert their assets into gold? coincidently, Beck’s radio show is sponsored by Goldline.
Weiner has complained about Goldline for its “astronomical markups” on gold coins. 

Goldline is now responding with information on their website stating that they have very few complaints from customers (fewer than 1/10 of 1%).  Goldline features many bullion and numismatic coins ranging from the classic St. Gaudens double eagles to the modern American Eagle and American buffalo gold coins.  As I reviewed Goldline’s website, I found one thing missing: the prices for their products. Mexican 50 peso gold coins or a modern gold buffalos are fairly standard products available from a multitude of sources.  The prices are expected to vary day to day as the price of gold fluctuates. Instead of listing prices, potential customers are asked to call a number.  Other gold businesses such as Blanchard ( post prices for their products.  For those electing to invest in gold, comparison shopping is critical.

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