The Dollar Coin is Dead

It's over.  The United States has pulled the plug on the much ballyhooed dollar coin .  The announcement was made by vice president Joe Biden.  The obvious problem was that they were unpopular.  The treasury is currently sitting on 1.4 billion dollar coins that they cannot get rid of.  Making more dollar coins would be silly.  And so, it's back to the paper dollar for us.

I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but we've heard this song and dance before.  It seems like only yesterday we buried the Susan B Anthony dollar , which replaced the equally unpopular Eisenhower dollar .  The government policy had been similar to the policy of the late 1800's when millions of Morgan dollars  were minted with no apparent purpose.

Collectors of presidential dollars need not fret. The mint will still be making enough of them to satisfy their needs.

For more information about the presidential dollar or my cynical history of the US dollar, please go to my presidential dollar page .

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