Hurry! Only 1.4 billion left!

The news that the United States has halted the production of circulating dollar coins  is already fish and chips paper.  The treasury's problem now is to get rid of the 1.4 billion dollar coins that are on hand.  One way the treasury gets rid of the coins is through the circulating dollar direct shop program of the US mint.  The mint, however, has altered the program for the worse (from a consumer standpoint).  For every box of dollar coins ordered, there is a new $12.50 "order fulfillment charge."  Credit card payments are no longer accepted.  Instead, payment must be by wire transfer, check, or money order.

If the public didn't want the coins before, now they really won't want them.  It took the treasury over 75 years to get rid of all the unwanted morgan dollars .  I wish the mint luck in getting rid of the presidential dollars.  They will need it.

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